Accordi Disaccordi

Accordi Disaccordi is an Italian band with an active presence on the international music scene.
The trio, founded in early 2012, consists of founding members Alessandro Di Virgilio and Dario Berlucchi on guitar, with Dario Scopesi on double bass. The basis of their repertoire is original songs played in a unique style combining jazz, swing, blues, and folk influences, along with a taste for film scores, while preserving their underlying Gypsy jazz style, which pays tribute to the sounds of famous guitarist Django Reinhardt.
Accordi Disaccordi are CIDIM (Comitato Nazionale Italiano Musica) artists
In almost ten years they have performed more than 2.000 concerts across the world, thanks to various tour in Italy, USA, Australia, Russia, Greece and Turkey, appearing at the most prestigious world festivals, and regularly appearing at major jazz clubs.

Their most notable engagements include five consecutive editions of the world renowned Umbria Jazz Festival, where they performed more than 60 concerts, and where they were the opening act for the likes of Paolo Conte, Paolo Fresu, Stefano Bollani, Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock, Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga, Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil; two editions of Jazz à Juan, one of the most important jazz festivals in Europe; two editions of the Django Reinhardt Festival in Samois-sur-Seine, the most famous Gypsy jazz festival in the world; three editions of the Moscow Jazz Festival; five different editions of the Torino Jazz Festival; two editions of the Bentivoglio Manouche Festival in Bologna; and one engagement at Trentino in Jazz.
Outside Italy, the trio has performed its largest number of concerts in Russia, more than 150 concerts in 70 different cities over five years, in the "first and most important large-scale jazz tour ever held in Russia" playing to more than 35,000 people overall.

They have recorded four albums: "Bouncing Vibes" (2013), "Swing Avenue" (2015), "Live Tracks" (2016), and their important latest album, the self-titled "Accordi Disaccordi", released in September 2017. While the first three albums include arrangements of jazz and Gypsy jazz standards, pop songs, and film scores, along with some original songs, the fourth album is where the trio's style is most evident, providing the ultimate expression of their repertoire and material with 14 original songs written by the band themselves.
Here Gypsy jazz is joined by a sophisticated combination of styles and inspirations, with classical melodies, Latin sounds, blues influences, progressive rock, funk sounds, and film score ballads influencing every track of this important album.

In addition to the two guitars, double bass, and clarinet, a couple of tracks also include a cello, an instrument not commonly used in jazz and Gypsy jazz, confirming the band's innate inclination toward the experimental.
Described by critics as a shining example of a new sound, "Accordi Disaccordi" is definitely the album that has propelled the band to a prominent position on the international jazz scene.
Accordi Disaccordi has been involved in many more collaborations, both in studio recordings and live, with important international musicians, including Angelo Debarre, Florin Niculescu, Gonzalo Bergara, Adrien Moignard, Jérémie Arranger, Dmitry Kuptsov, Natalya Skvortsova, Giacomo Smith, Emanuele Cisi, and several other European jazz musicians.

In 2018 they were engaged in the international promotion of their latest work, with legs in the United States, Australia and Turkey and several European countries, including France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. In early 2019, they were protagonists of their sixth tour major tour of Russia, during which they were hosted by some of that country's leading orchestras.
Since forming, the band has achieved impressive sales of their four albums, with some being reissued three times, and have received great feedback from critics and music industry insiders, who recognize them as leading lights on the Italian and European music scenes.
Alessandro Di Virgilio (lead guitar)

The band's composer and creator of several original tracks. He listens to music (strictly on vinyl) and plays guitar incessantly; in what little spare time remains, he is passionate about movies. Is this why his tracks always sound like beautiful film scores?
Dario Berlucchi (rhythm guitar)

The band's rhythmic pulse, but also our talented storyteller. A lover of music and stories, he likes traveling in his camper van or riding his bike. During moments of downtime, he can be spotted on the hunt for breathtaking scenery or incredible new stories to tell.
Dario Scopesi (doublebass)

The group's metronome, the groove in every track. In love with low frequencies, with jazz and a fervent supporter of musical contamination. His curiosity and desire to experiment were the driving force of his musical journey and led him to open one of the new reference recording studios in the city.

Accordi Disaccordi, the new album!

The new homonym album of Accordi Disaccordi is out from September 15th, 2017.

01 Firefly (Alessandro Di Virgilio) 04:10 - Accordi Disaccordi
02 Beauty (Alessandro Di Virgilio) 03:01 - Accordi Disaccordi
03 Lazy Wave (Alessandro Di Virgilio) 03:47 - Accordi Disaccordi featuring Giacomo Smith (clarinet)
04 Whisky Valley (Alessandro Di Virgilio) 05:11 - Accordi Disaccordi
05 Pietrasanta (Alessandro Di Virgilio) 05:34 - Accordi Disaccordi
06 Mafia Car (Alessandro Di Virgilio) 05:35 - Accordi Disaccordi featuring Giacomo Smith (clarinet)
07 Blast (Alessandro Di Virgilio) 02:41 - Accordi Disaccordi
08 I caffè di Oliva (Alessandro Di Virgilio) 07:12 - Accordi Disaccordi featuring Oscar Doglio Sanchez (cello)
09 Spaghetti Killer (Alessandro Di Virgilio) 03:27 - Accordi Disaccordi featuring Giacomo Smith (clarinet)
10 10 (Alessandro Di Virgilio) 04:21 - Accordi Disaccordi
11 Stay (Alessandro Di Virgilio) 04:53 - Accordi Disaccordi
12 Break-Fast (Alessandro Di Virgilio) 04:11 - Accordi Disaccordi
13 El Duende (Alessandro Di Virgilio) 04:45 - Accordi Disaccordi
14 Signor Noce (Dario Berlucchi) 03:20 - Accordi Disaccordi featuring Giacomo Smith (clarinet) and Oscar Doglio Sanchez (cello)

Accordi Disaccordi:
Alessandro Di Virgilio lead guitar, Dario Berlucchi rhythm guitar ed Elia Lasorsa doublebass

Special guest:
Giacomo Smith plays clarinet in "Lazy Wave", "Mafia Car", "Spaghetti Killer" and "Signor Noce"
Oscar Doglio Sanchez plays cello in "I caffè di Oliva" and "Signor Noce"

Engineered and mastered by Alberto Macerata - Play Studio, Bricherasio (TO).
Cover design by Stefano Brizzi (


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